Welcome to P+K Industrieanlagen 2024

 ≡   nailing machines  and  automatic lines
 ≡  editing and additional  adjustment

The comprehensive P+K new and used machinery constitutes the base. But P+K has more to offer than just machines. Production lines that are as unique as the individual customer and his wishes.

Recognizing the needs and requirements of customers and meet - that is the focus, if P+K individual industrial plants manufacturing solutions for the pallet and crate industry plans. Regardless of whether a single system or a complete production line, in the teeth of several machines to work closely - P+K is for everything to make this production solution performing at its best.

You want more? Our team is always at your disposal.

  corner saw for pallets

  pallet burners

  pallets milling machine

  pallets block saw

  robots feeding

  pallets stackers

  labeling systems

  pallets drilling machines

  machines for special request

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