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 ≡   nailing machines and  automatic lines
 ≡  editing and additional  adjustment

The comprehensive P+K new - and using coded program forms the basis. But P+K has more to offer than machines.

Production lines, which are just as individual as the individual customer and its desires.

The desires and requirements of the customer recognize and fulfill - this is located in the center, if P+K industrial plants plans individual production solutions for the pallet and crate industry. Completely directly whether a single investment or a complete production line, in which several machines closely interlocked co-operates - P+K offers for everything so that this production solution functions at any time optimally.

You need further information? Our team is always at the disposal.

  bottom nailing machines

  nailing machines for boxes parts

  jig nailing machines

  nailing machines for bottom parts

  nailing machines for tops with longitudinal running

  nailing machines for mountage

  self nailing machines with transversal running

  nailing machines for 2-way pallets

  nailing machines for cable reel

  special machines

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